The Start of the Mount Hope Cemetery Association

The grounds of Mount Hope Cemetery began in 1825 as a small 6 ¾ acres that accommodated a few burial plots near a schoolhouse. It wasn’t until 1866 when Moses Falor, noted at that time as the Coventry Township Collector, passed around a noticed that read:


is hereby given to all persons interested to contribute money for the purchase of burial grounds in Sub School District #2 in Coventry Township, and that a meeting will be held at the schoolhouse in said district at 1:30 pm for the purpose of forming a cemetery Association to purchase the said grounds which are next to the schoolhouse, and transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting.

(Signed) Moses Falor

The following group of individuals appeared in the schoolhouse that Wednesday April 4, 1866:
Robert McCoy, Hiram Falor, Moses Falor, George A. Falor, Abraham Falor, Robert Robinson, Richard Taylor, John Crosier, Lorenzo Crosier, Peter Corisier, O.S. Hinman, Eliza Falor, Clarissa Falor, Mrs. Jane Falor, Mrs. Louisa Farr, and Mrs. Mary Ann King.

Group members proceeded to elect members of the Association, with every five dollars entitling them one vote. The Mount Hope Cemetery Association was then officially named, with Robert McCoy and Moses Falor serving as Trustees and Hiram Falor serving as a Trustee and a Clerk. They later fenced in the grounds and began improvements and expansion. In 1868, the Association purchased the schoolhouse and grounds as well as an acre from Samuel Kintz. 10 more acres were later purchased in 1900.

Mount Hope continued to grow, becoming home to Veterans and others that survived historic events such as the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI & WWII. The annexing of Conventry Township to Akron also associated many of Akron’s early settlers with Mount Hope.

Burial Facts

North Side Burials 3,964
South Side Burials 3,506
Total Interred 7,470
Total Vets Interred 355
Revolutionary War Vet. (1775-1783) 1
War of 1812 Vet. (1812-1814) 6
Mexican American War Vet. (1846-1848) 1
Civil War Vet. (1861-1865) 85
Cuban Conflict Vet. (10/15/1962-10/28/1962) 1
Spanish American War Vet. (04/1898-08/1898) 12
WWI Vet. (1914-1918) 93
WWII Vet. (1939-1945) 70
Korean War Vet. (1950-1953) 7
Servicemen 79